Get Un-Stuck







Are You Feeling Absolutely Irresistible, Vibrant and Powerful in Your Life?

Are You Magnetizing the People & Opportunities You Desire?

Not sure?Ask yourself

  • Am I tired, lethargic and foggy headed through various parts of the day?
  • Am I emotionally irritable with my family, friends, colleagues and others?
  • Am I not fitting into my clothing because I have gained weight that I am unable to loose and freak-in frustrated about it?!?
  • Do I feel weak and powerless or struggle with boundaries because I lack self-confidence?
  • Do I often feel really stressed, anxious, fearful and self-doubtful and not know how to minimize it?
  • Am I overwhelmed by a ridiculously busy schedule that doesn’t allow me quality personal time?
  • Am I hesitant and fearful about making decisions for myself?
  • Do I lack a clear vision and purpose for my future?

If you’ve answered “YES” to several of these questions and are Struggling to Make Clear Confident Decisions to improve your quality of life, then you’ve come to the right place.

Hi, I’m Liza Pitsirilos and since 2008 I’ve been helping women make the lifestyle changes necessary to be the confident, seductive, powerful and vibrant women they truly are! Through videos, articles, talks, consulting and coaching, workshops, manuals, and online programs I’ve helped hundreds of women become healthier and happier by tapping into the secret of how to enjoy life to the fullest and take control over their health habits!

So…. My Question for You is “What’s Consuming Your Life and How Badly Do You Want to Change It?”

As many of us know, adversity introduces a man or women to him or herself.

It’s easy to be well and thrive in prosperous times. But what happens when things are difficult? What happens when your health issues are permeating all other aspects of your life like your finances, intimate relationships, communication skills, self-image and confidence? What then? If you handle it with the same logic that got you into it in the first place then you become STUCK in a cycle of struggle and become frustrated perhaps even hopeless with no way out. Yet successful people know that if you handle adversity in your life by reaching out for a clear support system with proven effective strategies then you step into your POWER and grow beyond your wildest dreams. Are you ready to step into your POWER? Are you ready to be real about what you want for your future? And are you willing to roll up your sleeves and say “YES! I am ready for change!” Well then, say no more…  

My team and I would like to help you “Get Un-Stuck” Here’s what we can help you with:


  • Where you are today and assess what brought you there
  • Help you see what role you play in the situation
  • Reflect on what you’re learning or have learned from it


  • Increase your self confidence and gain clarity on who you wish to be


  • Pinpoint what’s holding you back from getting where you want to be and how you want to look and feel
  • Form a Plan of Action- Chances are, you are aware of what you need to do but struggle with putting together a concrete plan of action. That’s where the Ambrosia Lifestyle team gets to work in developing a customized S.M.A.R.T. plan holding you accountable every step of the way
  • Transform your mindset and body so you are looking and feeling superconfident and sexy, yielding higher energy, productivity and profit!
  • Form stronger healthier relationships with friends, family, colleagues and community members.
  • And Much more!
Ready to have a sexy ripe and delicious life and feel like an absolute bikini bombshell? Then schedule a FREE “Get Un-Stuck Strategy Session” Today!  



“A few months ago I was conflicted with high levels of stress as the CEO of my company. The stress was literally unbearable; it was deteriorating my mental, physical and emotional health. I travel a lot for my job and often found myself binge eating and at loss for exercise which led to considerable weight gain. Yet I felt such a sense of relief, after our “DEEP DIVE and S.M.A.R.T Goal session” because we developed a customized an “On the Go Travel Program“ that included an implementable “On the Go Nutritional Program” and an “On the Road Yoga Practice Series” that helped me boost my energy and productivity levels. I no longer had to worry about what to eat on the road or how to exercise. The resources and tools were already there and they helped me loose 7lbs. I know that my ability to focus on my health reduced my stress levels and helped me close not one but two multi-million dollar contracts! Pretty incredible results.  A very worthwhile investment!”

-Donna, Chicago