LoLo is an experiential designer and engagement specialist who has built and facilitated virtual and onsite collaborative leadership programs worldwide. She has been hired by over 170 businesses, organizations, universities, and schools throughout countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Brazil, Mozambique, Guatemala, Colombia, Spain, France, and South Africa and has launched programs impacting over 25,000 people.

Her expertise is designing interactive programs that enhance individual and group Social-Emotional Intelligence, while strategically integrating technology into workflows. LoLo’s lifework is continually inspired by the South African proverb, “Umntu Ngumntu Ngabantu, A person is a person through other people.” People within organizations need active support in breaking down communication-silos and outdated workflow paradigms in order to share creative ideas and collaborate on designing innovative solutions to current challenges.

In addition to being an Ambrosia Lifestyle team member LoLo is the Founder of VFLOCKS and posses a unique power to take a room full of strangers and facilitate positive shared experiences that amplify the energy of the group to connect and build collaborative relationships.

LoLo has been brewing the VFLOCKS vision for over a decade. Now, VFLOCKS is a global movement focused on evolving socio-technical interactions for individual thrival and organizational agility. Onwards and Upwards!