What Can Private Instruction Offer Me?

As a beginner to yoga, private sessions empower you to:

  • Build a strong foundation for learning about breath work, poses, alignment and meditation
  • Answer questions that will help you get the quality individualized instruction you deserve
  • Cultivate your own home practice
  • Heal your injuries with your practice
  • Build confidence towards a pain-free practice and lifestyle
  • Explore modifications for working with injuries such as wrist, knee, shoulder, and back issues.
  • Diversify your practice by beginning to learn advanced asanas (inversions, backbends, arm balances and more) and how to use props creatively

If you currently practice yoga, private sessions can invigorate your practice to:

  • Gain a greater understanding of poses and their effects
  • Deepen your relationship to breath as you move into advanced poses
  • Learn about Sequencing – the process of aligning poses in a way that you can go into progressively deeper poses smoothly, without a kink or injury
  • Gain insight into your own habitual behaviors and learn the tools and skills needed to change them
Ambrosia Lifestyle welcomes and invites new and existing yoga practitioners to go deeper into their practice through private sessions. We also offer PRE-NATAL yoga for expectant moms. Our passion is to assist you in growing YOUR personal relationship to Yoga regardless of how long you’ve been practicing!

Together we can individually tailor yoga sequences for…

  • Deepening your relationship to your breath
  • Relaxation and mood elevation
  • Developing strength and flexibility
  • Preventing/protecting injuries
SCHEDULING: Individual, semi-private and group yoga instruction is available by appointment at a private studio or in the comfort of your home or office. For rates e-mail Liza at info@ambrosialifestyle.com. Please share your prior yoga experience, and any past or present injuries/illnesses. CANCELLATION POLICY: Private sessions must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. In case of cancellation, please contact liza@ambrosialifestyle.com