“A New Relationship to Food: Invigorate Your Metabolism, Boost Your Energy & Start Losing 10lbs Today!”

With Katharine Pike & Liza Pitsirilos

list_boxWith_rightDo you wake up feeling sluggish and your energy yo-yos throughout the day? list_boxWith_rightHave you put on 5, 10 or even 25+ pounds and can’t seem to lose the extra weight when you eat “right” and exercise? list_boxWith_rightAre you sick and tired of food ruling your life and are you ready to change your relationship to it? list_boxWith_rightAre you uninspired and irritable about your work and home environment because it’s toxic leading you to higher levels of stress and poor health choices?  

If you’ve answered “YES” to several of these questions and are Struggling to Make Clear Confident Decisions to change the quality of your life, then you don’t want to miss this FREE Tele-Class


“A New Relationship to Food:Invigorate Your Metabolism, Boost Your Energy & Start Losing 10lbs Today!”


with Katharine Pike & Liza Pitsirilos

Wednesday, October 23rd at 8:00pm EST

Get Ready to Fall in Love with Yourself Again, and Fall in Love with Your Food Again!


In this FREE Class You Will Learn: list_boxWith_rightThe #1 mistake you may be making when trying to lose weight that puts the brakes on your metabolism list_boxWith_rightThe see-saw effect: why most diets make you weigh more than when you started! list_boxWith_rightThe top 3 foods you need to start eating, so that you can boost your energy now list_boxWith_rightInitial actions steps to dismantle stress and start losing weight this minute!   Time is ticking and the holidays are quickly approaching.Family stress and food indulgences are creeping closer and closer. Let’s jump-start your new relationship with food so you are lighter and brighter for the holidays! So what are you waiting for? Get on the Teleseminar Class and avoid ending upgaining another 10lbs over the holidays! Gasp!

Your Facilitators:


Liza Pitsirilos

Liza Pitsirilos, E-RYT & M.S., is the Founder of Ambrosia Lifestyle Inc. an innovative wellness company that helps people transcend self-judgment and fear so that they trust the decisions they make and show up In bigger and bolder ways for themselves and their respective communities.

After years of “playing small” and being indecisive and fearful about an unfulfilling job, unsatisfying residency and unproductive relationships Liza found herself stuck; unfulfilled, unhappy and unhealthy. After sudden weight fluctuation, severe migraine headaches and emotional irritability she decided to reach out for help. She trained as an Advanced Forrest Yoga Teacher and Wellness Inventory Coach, which helped her, turn her personal adversities into a vehicle for transformation. Her and the Ambrosia Lifestyle team offer you the opportunity to do the same for yourself. Their workshops and programs inspire you to ask deeper questions, gain clarity, and discover your purpose, passion, strengths and the depths within you.


Katharine Pike

Weight Loss Expert and Speaker, Katharine Pike, is 43 and not one of those lucky people who was just born thin and effortlessly stays that way. She has gained and lost thousands of pounds in her 22-year journey to find out what really works for real people.

She combines the lessons from overcoming her real life weight battles with her formal education at Smith College and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York to create natural nutrition programs that work for ‘normal’ people so they can be their ideal weight–permanently–without eating like rabbits or living at the gym.

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