Personal Chef + Nutritional Services

Sabrina Dora Lopez, Executive Chef and creator of Vesta Foods, draws inspiration from her culinary roots in South Florida, Argentina and beyond. Her cushiness is inspired by flavors of the globe, particularly the Mediterranean, Italian, Middle-East and the American South. She’s a gypsy cook with a dash of Ottolenghi and Alice Waters, coupled with a strong Slow Food ethos. She specializes in providing healthy, delicious food for people with dietary restrictions or special diets. From Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian to Dairy-free, Gluten-Free and Macrobiotic, she’s got you covered. Services She Provides Include:
  • Nutritional Education for a SuperBoost in Energy and Metabolism
  • One-Time, Weekly or Biweekly Meals
  • Coursed Dinner Parties
  • Casual Family-Style Dinners
  • On-Set Catering
  • Cocktail Parties and Soirees
  • Pantry Makeovers
Here’s what clients are saying about Sabrina’s culinary magnificence:
“We wanted to eat healthy and delicious food while on vacation in West Palm Beach, Florida. As Paleo eaters, we were worried we wouldn’t be able to maintain our lifestyle and healthy eating while vacationing. We hired Sabrina who came in and made us delicious, healthy meals all week long. Exceptional service and delicious food.” Laurene and Brian Small
“Sabrina is talented and top-level. She worked as our in-house private chef in New York City preparing lunch and dinner for our staff and clients. Her food is delicious and her service is professional.” – Brian Pardus, Estate Manager, Westfield Corporation
“Everyone, especially me, appreciated that you were providing healthy food throughout the day to keep their energy up as they worked. You have a true understanding of how to work around and with dietary restrictions and make delicious filling meals.” – Annika Kournick, Director